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Hello! Welcome to the Jensen's Website. Debbie and I started our business on June 14th of 2010. It has been a whirlwind ever since!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in Feb. of 2007.  Debbie immediately chose to eat gluten free in support of me then ironically  found out a couple of years later she is gluten sensitive.

Debbie is the creative genius behind our recipes. She learned to cook and bake early in life using tried and true methods taught by her grandmother.   Although gluten free baking presented many challenges, she was able to unlock the key to understanding the unique chemistry and properties of the gluten free grains, flours and starches available to use in her new recipes. It did not take long before I  became her "student" and cohort in the kitchen.

Together we developed an amazing collection of recipes we loved to eat and serve to our friends and family.  Soon our family gatherings became 100% gluten free and no one missed the gluten!  That's when we knew we could take our passion for g.f. baking and turn it into a business!  

We decided to make buns and bread for restaurants first because we missed going out for a burger or sandwich and we knew that other people did too.  During the first 5 years we continued to develop our food service line and expanded our  distribution to include  OR., WA., CA., and Alaska but our presence in retail has been limited to just a few specialty stores near our commercial bakery in SE Portland.  Daily communications from our fans and supporters who ask "where can I buy these amazing buns I just tasted at a restaurant?" have encouraged us to make another push into retail.  Last year we re-branded our products with a new logo and bright packaging that really pops out at you from the retail market freezers case. Our goal is to continue our expansion until we are available nation wide.    

If you have any questions or comments please write to us, we'd love to hear from you!  Contact Us

Thanks- Dave and Debbie

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